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Objectophilia: Understanding Sexual Attraction to Inanimate Objects

Objectophilia is a type of fetish where individuals experience sexual arousal and attraction towards inanimate objects. This fetish is unique to each individual, and the objects that trigger sexual arousal vary widely. Some common objects that people with objectophilia might be attracted to include shoes, books, cups, and even cars or buildings.

What is Objectophilia?

Objectophilia is a type of sexual fetish that is characterized by sexual attraction towards inanimate objects. People with objectophilia may feel a strong emotional and sexual connection to their preferred object, and may even engage in sexual acts with it. This fetish is not widely understood, and people with objectophilia may face stigma and discrimination as a result.

Causes of Objectophilia

The causes of objectophilia are not well understood, but researchers believe that it may be related to a variety of factors. Some people with objectophilia may have experienced trauma or social isolation, and may use their attraction to objects as a way of coping with these experiences. Others may simply find objects more attractive than people, and may have a preference for the unique qualities of their preferred object.

Objectophilia and Relationships

People with objectophilia may struggle to form romantic relationships with other people, as their sexual attraction is focused on objects rather than people. However, some people with objectophilia are able to form meaningful relationships with other people, and may even incorporate their preferred object into their sexual activities with their partner.

Challenges Faced by Objectophiles

People with objectophilia may face a number of challenges as a result of their fetish. They may face stigma and discrimination from others, and may struggle to find acceptance and understanding from their friends and family. Additionally, they may face legal challenges if their sexual activities with objects are deemed illegal or inappropriate.

Treatment for Objectophilia

There is no known cure for objectophilia, but people with this fetish may benefit from therapy or support groups. These resources can help objectophiles to better understand their fetish and to find ways to cope with the challenges they face as a result of their attraction to objects.


Objectophilia is a unique and often misunderstood fetish that involves sexual attraction to inanimate objects. While the causes of objectophilia are not well understood, people with this fetish may benefit from therapy and support to help them better understand and cope with their attraction to objects.

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