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What is Ordune?

Ordune is a rare paraphilia where an individual experiences sexual arousal from photographs of nudes or sex.

Origins of Ordune

The term “Ordune” was first coined by John Money in 1986. It is derived from the Latin word “ordo,” which means “order” or “rank.” Money believed that individuals with Ordune were attracted to the order and structure of photographs, as well as the content.

Prevalence of Ordune

Due to its rarity, there is limited research on the prevalence of Ordune. However, it is believed to affect a small percentage of the population.

The Psychology of Ordune

Individuals with Ordune may find that they are most aroused by photographs that depict a specific type of sexual act or pose. This can be a result of conditioning, where they have learned to associate certain images with sexual pleasure. It may also be related to a desire for order and structure, as mentioned by Money.

Treatment for Ordune

As with any paraphilia, treatment for Ordune may involve therapy, medication, or a combination of both. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns related to their sexual desires. Medications such as SSRIs may also be prescribed to help manage obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors.


While Ordune is a rare paraphilia, it can still have a significant impact on an individual’s life. Seeking professional help can be an important step in managing and understanding one’s sexual desires.

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