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Osphresiolagnia: The Love of Smells

Osphresiolagnia is a paraphilia that involves experiencing erotic excitement through smells. This fetish is also known as olfactophilia or osmolagnia. People with osphresiolagnia have an inordinate love of smells and may find certain scents sexually arousing.

What Causes Osphresiolagnia?

There is no known cause of osphresiolagnia, but it is believed to be a result of classical conditioning. This means that a person may have associated a particular smell with sexual arousal, and over time, they have developed a fetish for that smell.

Types of Smells Associated with Osphresiolagnia

There are various types of smells that people with osphresiolagnia may find sexually arousing. These include:

  • Body odors: Some people may find the natural smell of sweat, urine, or genitalia arousing.
  • Perfumes and colognes: Certain scents may trigger sexual arousal in some people.
  • Fetishes: Some people may have a fetish for specific smells, such as leather, latex, or rubber.
  • Food: Certain foods, such as chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon, may be sexually arousing to some people.

The Risks of Osphresiolagnia

While osphresiolagnia may seem harmless, it can lead to risky behavior. Some people may engage in unsafe sexual practices to fulfill their fetish, such as having sex with someone who has not showered or using bodily fluids as lubricant. Additionally, some people may become obsessed with a particular smell, which can interfere with their daily life and relationships.

Treatment for Osphresiolagnia

If osphresiolagnia is interfering with a person’s daily life or relationships, they may benefit from seeking professional help. Therapy can help a person understand the root cause of their fetish and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Additionally, a therapist can help a person explore alternative ways to experience sexual pleasure that do not involve smells.


Osphresiolagnia is a fetish that involves experiencing sexual arousal through smells. While it may seem harmless, it can lead to risky behavior and interfere with a person’s daily life. If osphresiolagnia is causing distress, seeking professional help can be beneficial.

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