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Exploring Military Kink

When it comes to kinks and fetishes, one that may come to mind is military role play. Military refers to play that includes military uniforms, or role play in military scenarios. This kink can be enjoyed by people of all genders and sexual orientations.

What is Military Role Play?

Military role play involves dressing up in military uniforms and engaging in scenarios that involve some form of military activity. This can include anything from basic training to combat situations. Some people may choose to incorporate BDSM elements into their military role play, such as power exchange dynamics or restraints.

Why Do People Enjoy Military Role Play?

People may enjoy military role play for a variety of reasons. For some, it may be a way to explore power dynamics and control. For others, it may be a way to fulfill a fantasy or explore a fetish. Military role play can also be a way to explore different aspects of oneself, such as bravery or discipline.

How to Get Started with Military Role Play

If you’re interested in exploring military role play, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, communication is key. It’s important to establish boundaries and consent before engaging in any kind of play. You may also want to establish a safe word or signal to use if things become too intense.

Next, consider what kind of scenario you want to explore. Do you want to focus on basic training, or do you want to engage in combat scenarios? Do you want to incorporate BDSM elements into your play, or keep it more vanilla? Once you’ve established what you want to explore, you can start to gather the necessary props and costumes.

Finally, remember that military role play is just that – play. It’s important to have fun and not take things too seriously. As long as everyone involved is consenting and having a good time, there’s no wrong way to explore this kink.


Military role play can be a fun and exciting way to explore power dynamics, fulfill fantasies, and explore different aspects of oneself. As with any kink or fetish, communication and consent are key. By establishing boundaries, exploring different scenarios, and having fun, you can enjoy all that military role play has to offer.

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