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Juvenilism: Understanding the Fetish of Acting Like a Juvenile

What is Juvenilism?

Juvenilism is a paraphilia where an individual dresses up or acts out in the role of a juvenile, often in a sexual context. This fetish is also known as infantilism, adult baby syndrome or autonepiophilia. It is important to note that juvenilism does not involve actual children, and should never be confused with pedophilia.

The Psychology Behind Juvenilism

Juvenilism is often linked to the desire for comfort, nurturing, and escape from adult responsibilities. Individuals with this fetish may feel a sense of security and emotional release when they are in the role of a juvenile. They may also enjoy the attention and care they receive from a partner who takes on a parental role.

Some experts suggest that juvenilism may stem from childhood experiences such as trauma, neglect or abuse. It may also be a way for individuals to cope with stress or anxiety in their adult lives.

Types of Juvenilism

There are different forms of juvenilism, each with its own specific characteristics. These include:

  • Diaper Fetishism: This involves wearing diapers and engaging in infant-like behavior such as crawling and babbling.
  • Baby Play: This involves dressing up in baby clothes and acting like an infant, including being fed, changed and bathed by a partner.
  • Teen Play: This involves dressing up and acting like a teenager, often engaging in activities such as video games, sleepovers, and prom night.

How to Practice Juvenilism Safely

As with any fetish, it is important to practice juvenilism safely and consensually. If you or your partner are interested in exploring this fetish, here are some tips:

  • Communication: Talk openly with your partner about your desires, boundaries, and expectations.
  • Consent: Ensure that all activities are consensual and that both partners are fully aware of what is involved.
  • Hygiene: Practice good hygiene, especially when engaging in diaper play.
  • Safety: Avoid any activities that may cause harm or injury, and have a safe word in case things become too intense.
  • Privacy: Keep your activities private and avoid involving others who may not be comfortable with the fetish.


Juvenilism is a fetish that involves acting like a juvenile, often in a sexual context. While it may seem unusual to some, it is important to remember that all individuals have their own unique desires and preferences. If you or your partner are interested in exploring juvenilism, it is important to do so safely and consensually, and to seek professional help if necessary.

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