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Kink Dictionary – Icolagnia

What is Icolagnia?

Icolagnia is a paraphilia where an individual is sexually aroused by contemplating or having contact with sculptures or pictures. This sexual attraction to inanimate objects is a type of fetishism and can be considered a form of objectophilia.

The Psychology of Icolagnia

Individuals who experience icolagnia may find themselves attracted to certain types of sculptures or pictures, such as those depicting nudity, eroticism, or sensuality. This attraction can be linked to the individual’s personal history, cultural background, or experiences.

Some psychologists suggest that icolagnia may be related to a desire for control or power, as the individual can manipulate the object of their desire in their imagination or through physical contact. Others believe that it may be a form of escapism, where the individual can experience sexual pleasure without the complications and risks of human relationships.

Exploring Icolagnia

For those who experience icolagnia, exploring their fetish can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. This may involve collecting sculptures or pictures that evoke sexual feelings, or visiting museums or galleries to view erotic art.

It is important to note that any form of fetishism should be consensual and safe. It is not appropriate to touch or deface public sculptures or pictures, and it is important to respect the boundaries and consent of others when sharing or discussing erotic art.


Icolagnia is a unique and fascinating fetish that can provide sexual pleasure and excitement for those who experience it. By understanding the psychology behind this attraction and exploring it in a safe and consensual way, individuals can fully embrace and enjoy their fetish.

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