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Graphoerotica: Writing Words on Someone’s Body

Have you ever heard of graphoerotica? It’s a kink that involves writing words on someone’s body, and it can be a highly erotic and intimate experience for both partners.

What is Graphoerotica?

Graphoerotica is a form of sensory play that involves writing words or phrases on a person’s body using a variety of materials, such as markers, lipstick, or even food. The words can be anything from simple terms of endearment to explicit sexual fantasies.

For some people, the act of writing on someone’s body can be a way to establish a sense of ownership or control over their partner. For others, it’s simply a way to add an extra layer of eroticism to their sexual experiences.

How to Explore Graphoerotica with Your Partner

If you’re interested in exploring graphoerotica with your partner, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Establish Consent and Boundaries

Before you start writing on your partner’s body, it’s important to establish clear boundaries and get their consent. Talk about what words or phrases are off-limits and what kind of materials you’ll be using.

Choose Your Materials Carefully

When it comes to writing on someone’s body, you want to make sure you’re using materials that are safe and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort. Consider using non-toxic markers or lipstick, or even edible materials like chocolate sauce or whipped cream.

Get Creative with Your Words

One of the fun parts of graphoerotica is coming up with creative and erotic words or phrases to write on your partner’s body. Consider using terms of endearment, dirty talk, or even quotes from your favorite erotic literature.

Take Your Time and Enjoy the Experience

Graphoerotica can be a highly sensual and intimate experience for both partners, so take your time and enjoy the process. Use the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies and connect on a deeper level.


Graphoerotica can be a fun and erotic way to explore sensory play with your partner. By establishing clear boundaries and using safe materials, you can enjoy the experience of writing on each other’s bodies and exploring each other’s desires in a new and exciting way.

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