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Garters and Stockings: A Comprehensive Guide

What are Garters and Stockings?

Garters and stockings are a type of lingerie worn by women. Garters are elastic bands worn around the thigh to hold up stockings. Stockings are usually made of nylon or silk and cover the legs from the toes to the thigh.

The History of Garters and Stockings

Garters and stockings have been worn by women for centuries. In the 18th century, they were considered a symbol of wealth and status. In the 1920s, they became more popular and were worn by flappers. During World War II, nylon was rationed, and women had to paint their legs to make it look like they were wearing stockings. Garters and stockings became less popular in the 1960s with the introduction of pantyhose, but they have remained a popular lingerie item for many women.

Why are Garters and Stockings a Turn-On?

Many men find garters and stockings to be a turn-on because they are a symbol of femininity and sexuality. They also accentuate the legs and make them appear longer and more slender. The act of a woman putting on garters and stockings can also be seen as a seductive act.

Types of Garters and Stockings

There are many different types of garters and stockings available:

  • Thigh-high stockings: These stockings come up to the mid-thigh and are held up by garters.
  • Pantyhose with built-in garters: These pantyhose have garters built into them, so there is no need to wear a separate garter belt.
  • Open-crotch stockings: These stockings have an opening in the crotch area for easy access during sexual activity.
  • Fishnet stockings: These stockings have a diamond-shaped pattern and are often seen as more provocative than regular stockings.

Tips for Wearing Garters and Stockings

If you’re interested in wearing garters and stockings, here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have the right size: Garters and stockings that are too tight or too loose can be uncomfortable and unflattering.
  • Choose the right style: There are many different styles of garters and stockings available, so choose the one that makes you feel the most confident and sexy.
  • Practice putting them on: Putting on garters and stockings can be tricky, so practice a few times before wearing them in public.
  • Pair them with the right outfit: Garters and stockings look best with dresses or skirts that fall above the knee.


Garters and stockings are a timeless lingerie item that can make women feel sexy and confident. Whether you’re wearing them for yourself or to please a partner, they are sure to turn heads.

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