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Flatuphilia: Understanding Arousal from Partner Passing Gas

Flatuphilia is a rare paraphilia that involves sexual arousal from the act of a partner passing gas. While this may seem strange to some, it is important to understand that everyone has their own unique sexual preferences and desires.

What is Flatuphilia?

Flatuphilia, also known as eproctophilia, is a sexual fetish that involves being aroused by the act of a partner passing gas. This fetish can manifest in a variety of ways, including smelling, hearing, or even feeling the gas. Some individuals with flatuphilia may also enjoy farting on their partner or being farted on by their partner.

Understanding the Fetish

Flatuphilia is a relatively rare fetish, and there is not much research available on the topic. However, it is believed that individuals with flatuphilia may have developed the fetish through a variety of factors, including childhood experiences or exposure to flatulence in a sexual context.

For some individuals, flatuphilia may be a way to explore power dynamics or dominance within a sexual relationship. Others may simply find the act of passing gas to be a turn-on, regardless of any underlying psychological factors.

Is Flatuphilia Safe?

As with any sexual fetish or activity, it is important to engage in flatuphilia safely and consensually. Communication with your partner is key, and it is important to establish boundaries and limits before engaging in any flatuphilia-related activities.

It is also important to practice good hygiene and cleanliness when engaging in flatuphilia. This can include showering beforehand, using protection if necessary, and avoiding any potential health risks that may arise from exposure to flatulence.


Flatuphilia may not be a well-known fetish, but it is important to understand and respect the sexual preferences of others. As with any fetish or sexual activity, communication and consent are key. By understanding and embracing our own unique desires, we can create fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences for ourselves and our partners.

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