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Bromidrophilia: Arousal from Bodily Smells

Bromidrophilia is a paraphilia in which an individual becomes sexually aroused by the smell of another person’s sweat or body odor. This fetish is also known as osmolagnia or osphresiolagnia.

What Causes Bromidrophilia?

The exact cause of bromidrophilia is unknown, but it is believed to be related to the association of body odor with sexual arousal. This association may be learned through early experiences or cultural conditioning. Some individuals may also have a heightened sense of smell, which can intensify the arousal response.

Is Bromidrophilia Harmful?

As with any fetish, bromidrophilia is only harmful if it involves non-consensual behavior or causes distress to the individual or others. It is important for individuals with this fetish to communicate their desires with their partners and ensure that all activities are consensual and safe.

Managing Bromidrophilia

Individuals with bromidrophilia may find it helpful to explore their fetish through consensual activities with a willing partner. It is important to establish boundaries and communicate openly about desires and concerns. It may also be helpful to seek therapy to better understand and manage the fetish.


Bromidrophilia is a relatively uncommon fetish, but it is not inherently harmful. As with any fetish, it is important to communicate openly and engage in consensual activities. Seeking therapy can also be helpful in managing the fetish and ensuring that it does not cause distress to the individual or others.

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