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Biting is a common kink that involves the act of using teeth on skin, which can include genitalia, for sexual enjoyment. It can be a form of dominance and submission, as well as a way to increase intimacy and pleasure during sex.

Why Do People Like Biting?

There are several reasons why someone may enjoy biting or being bitten during sex. For some, it can be a way to increase arousal and pleasure, as biting can stimulate nerve endings and release endorphins. Others may enjoy the sensation of pain or the feeling of being dominated or dominated.

Types of Biting

There are different types of biting that can be explored during sex:

  • Nibbling: a light and gentle bite that can be used to tease and arouse
  • Biting: a more intense bite that can cause pain and pleasure
  • Chewing: a repeated biting motion that can be used to increase arousal and pleasure
  • Marking: leaving bite marks on the skin as a form of ownership or marking territory

Safety Tips for Biting

While biting can be a fun and enjoyable kink, it is important to practice safety and communication during sex. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Start slowly and communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t
  • Agree on a safe word or signal to use if the biting becomes too intense
  • Be mindful of sensitive areas, such as the face and neck, and avoid biting too hard
  • Do not bite if you have any open cuts or sores in your mouth, as this can increase the risk of infection
  • Aftercare is important, especially if the biting has caused any pain or bruising. Take time to comfort and care for your partner after the session.


Biting can be a fun and enjoyable kink for those who are interested in exploring it. By communicating with your partner and practicing safety, you can safely explore the different types of biting and increase your sexual pleasure and intimacy.

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