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Amychophilia: The Kink of Being Scratched

Amychophilia is a lesser-known kink that involves sexual gratification from being scratched. This can be done with fingernails or sharp objects, and can range from light scratches to deeper cuts.

What is Amychophilia?

Amychophilia is a fetish or kink that involves the enjoyment of being scratched. The scratching can be done by a partner or by oneself, and can be with fingernails, claws, or other sharp objects. The sensation of being scratched is what brings pleasure to those who enjoy this kink.

Why Do People Enjoy Amychophilia?

There are a few reasons why people may enjoy amychophilia. For some, the sensation of being scratched can be a form of pain that is pleasurable. This is known as masochism. For others, the scratching can be a form of dominance and submission, with the person doing the scratching taking on a dominant role. Additionally, the act of being scratched can release endorphins in the body, which can bring about feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

Is Amychophilia Safe?

As with any kink or fetish, safety is key. It is important to establish boundaries and communicate with your partner before engaging in any scratching. Make sure to use clean and sterile instruments if using sharp objects, and avoid scratching areas that are prone to infection or injury. It is also important to have a safe word or signal in case things become too intense.

How to Explore Amychophilia

If you are interested in exploring amychophilia with a partner, communication is key. Talk about your boundaries and desires, and make sure to establish a safe word or signal before beginning. Start with light scratching and work your way up to deeper scratches if desired. It is also important to have aftercare, such as cuddling or soothing lotion, to help with any discomfort or pain.


Amychophilia may not be as well-known as other kinks and fetishes, but it can bring pleasure and excitement to those who enjoy being scratched. As with any kink or fetish, communication and safety are key. If you are interested in exploring amychophilia, make sure to communicate with your partner and establish boundaries before beginning.

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