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Forniphilia: The Art of Turning People into Furniture

What is Forniphilia?

Forniphilia is a type of BDSM practice where one partner is turned into a piece of furniture or object for the other partner’s use. This can involve anything from being used as a chair or table, to being transformed into a coat rack or lamp.

History of Forniphilia

The term “forniphilia” is relatively new, but the practice of using people as furniture has been around for centuries. In ancient Rome, slaves were often used as human footrests or tables. In the 19th century, French artist Claude Cahun created a series of photographs featuring herself and her partner as human furniture. Today, forniphilia is a popular kink among BDSM enthusiasts.

How Forniphilia Works

The person being turned into furniture is often referred to as a “forniphilic,” while the person using them is known as the “forniphile.” The forniphilic is typically bound or restrained in some way to maintain their position as furniture. This can involve being tied up, strapped down, or placed in a restrictive position. The forniphile then uses the forniphilic as they would any other piece of furniture, sitting on them, placing objects on them, or even using them as a footrest.

Why People Enjoy Forniphilia

For many people, forniphilia is a way to explore power dynamics and control. The forniphilic is completely at the mercy of the forniphile, who can use them in any way they see fit. This can be a turn-on for both parties, as it allows them to explore their desires in a safe and consensual way. Forniphilia can also be a way to explore objectification and dehumanization, allowing the forniphilic to completely surrender their identity and become nothing more than a piece of furniture.

Consent and Safety in Forniphilia

As with any BDSM practice, consent and safety are key when it comes to forniphilia. Both parties should discuss their boundaries and limits before engaging in any kind of play. The forniphilic should be comfortable with their position and have a safe word in case they need to stop the play. The forniphile should also be aware of the risks involved in using a person as furniture, such as cutting off circulation or causing discomfort. It’s important to take breaks and check in with each other throughout the play to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.


Forniphilia can be a fun and exciting way to explore power dynamics and control in a BDSM context. Whether you’re interested in being a forniphilic or a forniphile, it’s important to communicate clearly with your partner and prioritize safety and consent. With the right preparation and communication, forniphilia can be a thrilling and satisfying kink to explore.

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