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Emetophilia: Understanding the Fetish of Vomit

Emetophilia is a sexual fetish that involves being sexually aroused by vomit or the act of vomiting. While it may seem unusual to some, it is a real fetish and can be a part of someone’s sexuality.

What is Emetophilia?

Emetophilia, also known as vomit fetish, is a sexual attraction to vomit or the act of vomiting. This fetish can manifest in different ways, such as watching someone vomit or being vomited on, or even inducing vomiting oneself. It is important to note that this fetish is not related to bulimia or any other eating disorders.

Causes of Emetophilia

There is no one specific cause of emetophilia, and it can develop from a variety of factors. Some individuals may have had a positive experience with vomiting during childhood, such as feeling better after being sick. Others may have developed the fetish through exposure to vomit in a sexual context, such as in pornography or through a partner.

Emetophilia and Consent

As with any sexual fetish, it is important to have consent from all parties involved. It is crucial to communicate with partners and establish boundaries before engaging in any sexual activity related to vomiting. It is also important to note that inducing vomiting can be dangerous and should not be done without proper medical supervision.

Emetophilia and Safety

Engaging in emetophilia can come with certain risks, such as the transmission of diseases or infections through vomit. It is important to take proper precautions, such as using protective barriers or avoiding contact with vomit altogether. It is also important to seek medical attention if any health concerns arise.


Emetophilia is a real sexual fetish that can be a part of someone’s sexuality. While it may seem unusual to some, it is important to approach it with understanding and respect. Communication and consent are crucial when engaging in any sexual activity, and it is important to prioritize safety and well-being.

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