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Anthropophagy: When Cannibalism Meets Sexuality

Anthropophagy, also known as cannibalism, is a taboo practice that involves eating human flesh. When this practice is combined with sexuality, it becomes a fetish known as anthropophagy fetishism or vorarephilia. This fetish is considered extremely taboo and is often associated with mental illness and criminal behavior.

What is Anthropophagy Fetishism?

Anthropophagy fetishism is a sexual fetish where individuals derive sexual pleasure from the thought or act of eating human flesh. This fetish is considered to be a form of sexual cannibalism and is often associated with sadomasochistic practices. Individuals who engage in this fetish may fantasize about eating human flesh, or they may engage in role-playing scenarios where they pretend to consume human flesh.

The History of Anthropophagy Fetishism

Anthropophagy fetishism has been documented throughout history in various cultures. In some cultures, cannibalism was considered a religious or cultural practice. However, in modern times, cannibalism is considered taboo and is illegal in most countries. The fetishization of cannibalism is a relatively new phenomenon and has been linked to the rise of the internet and online communities.

The Psychology of Anthropophagy Fetishism

The psychology behind anthropophagy fetishism is not well understood. However, some experts believe that this fetish may be linked to a desire for power and control. Others suggest that it may be a form of sexual sadism or masochism. It is important to note that engaging in cannibalism, even in a consensual role-playing scenario, is illegal and can result in criminal charges.

The Risks of Anthropophagy Fetishism

Engaging in anthropophagy fetishism can have serious physical and psychological risks. Consuming human flesh can lead to the transmission of diseases and infections, including prion diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Additionally, engaging in this fetish can lead to legal consequences, including criminal charges and imprisonment.


Anthropophagy fetishism is a taboo and illegal fetish that involves the sexualization of cannibalism. While the psychology behind this fetish is not well understood, engaging in this fetish can have serious physical and psychological risks. It is important for individuals who are struggling with this fetish to seek professional help and to avoid engaging in any illegal or harmful behaviors.

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