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Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control: The Ultimate Guide

What is Orgasm Control?

Orgasm Control, also known as orgasm denial or edging, is a type of sexual play where one partner controls the other’s orgasm. This can involve delaying or denying orgasm, or bringing the partner to the brink of orgasm multiple times before allowing them to climax.

The Psychology Behind Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control can be a powerful tool for exploring power dynamics in a sexual relationship. The partner in control may experience a sense of dominance and control, while the partner being controlled may experience submission and vulnerability. It can also increase sexual tension and arousal, leading to more intense orgasms.

Types of Orgasm Control

Delayed Orgasm

Delayed orgasm involves intentionally delaying orgasm, often for an extended period of time. This can be done through techniques such as edging, where the partner is brought close to orgasm multiple times before being allowed to climax.

Forced Orgasm

Forced orgasm involves using stimulation to bring the partner to orgasm against their will. This can involve using vibrators or other toys to stimulate the partner until they orgasm, even if they don’t want to.


Orgasm denial involves intentionally preventing the partner from orgasming. This can be done through techniques such as teasing or denying stimulation, or through the use of chastity devices.

Consent and Communication

As with any sexual activity, consent and communication are key when it comes to Orgasm Control. It’s important to discuss boundaries and expectations beforehand, and to establish a safe word or signal to use if things become too intense or uncomfortable.

Health and Safety

While Orgasm Control can be a fun and exciting way to explore your sexuality, it’s important to practice safe sex and to be aware of the risks involved. Using condoms and other forms of protection can help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, while regular communication with your partner can help ensure that both of you are comfortable and safe.


Orgasm Control can be a thrilling and intense way to explore power dynamics and increase sexual pleasure. By communicating openly with your partner and practicing safe sex, you can enjoy all the benefits of this exciting kink.

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